I believe in the concept of a multiverse wherein we are living a thousand million lives with a thousand million probabilities but eventually, we will always fall for each other in whatever life, in whatever form. I will always find you.

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Good Music, Good Art, Good Times.

Danica and I arrived at saGuijo at around 9 in the evening last Saturday. The bands were already playing. We listened for a while to the first song, and then we headed to the second floor of the bar. Amazed, we went inside the Pocket Universe exhibit. It was a set of surreal and postmodern contemporary art. It was really great.

You could feel the indie vibe from both the music, the atmosphere, the place and the exhibit. Artsy.

Later that night, ate Gem and Vernon caught up with us. Kuya Kin, too. We bought some ice cream at the nearby Ministop. I forgot the real name of that colorful Popsicle stick ice cream, but we called it Pepe ng Unicorn. Well, maybe its reference is Lady Reinacorn, or whatever way you spell that, and her colorful body. You do the imagining. We also played Danica’s Query game for a while.

We went back. Hidden Nickey was on the loose. Good vibes. Good music. We were listening. First bottle, done. Second, third, and I guess, fourth. I could not remember. The thing inside my head started spinning. I was sitting in front of Danica, on the other side. Instead of talking, we were texting each other. Drunk texting each other. Cool, ei?

Then we went out, again. We left Vernon, kuya Kin and ate Gem inside. I bought some squid balls for her, and she bought a balot for me. We sat down on the gutter and had our snappy midnight snack.

Up Dharma Down started playing. We went inside. First song, we were all listening. Second song, I went to the comfort room. Third song, Danica went to the comfort room. Before the start of the fourth song, we left saGuijo. We went again to the nearby Ministop to grab some Cornetto black and white ice cream. Midnight comfort, perhaps.

But that was one of the best part. I carried her on my back from saGuijo to Ministop. Piggyback riding.

We stayed at Ministop for a while. Talking, and playing Query, even though we were already groggy with what we were saying. The rest of the gang followed after UDD’s turn. We all went home, at kuya Kin’s.

The rest of what I can still remember was that we rode a taxi to Libertad, in front of kuya Kin’s apartment. It was around 4 in the morning. The rest was a blur. I was asleep. I was happy. Really happy.

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