I believe in the concept of a multiverse wherein we are living a thousand million lives with a thousand million probabilities but eventually, we will always fall for each other in whatever life, in whatever form. I will always find you.

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A Three Day Tumblr Summer in Bicol

Actually, when I invited them to have a vacation in Bicol last summer, I was not really sure of it. Haha. So, after they already filed their leave, and prepare all the other things, that was when I asked my parents that I would bring them to Bicol. It was my first time, actually, to have some friends come with me to an adventure. And I regret nothing.

For the first day, we reached our home in Bicol with roaring stomachs. We were really hungry from the almost 14-hour ride from Manila. It was a feast for us, and we head on to the Consosep Falls via a pick-up truck. Cool experience, actually. We roamed around, reached different falls, and had some great time. We even ate at a Banana pseudostem or whatever you call that. It was fun. After, we played some quick category game, and then headed on the nearby mini perya. Then, we watched a baryo-type straight-guys-turned-gay competition, and a dance competition with a lot of kissing exercises. Yes, kissing exercises. O well, no break for the weary bones.

We only had around 2 or 3 hours of sleep. We woke up early because we thought that we would be able to see the sun rise at the Natu Beach. We had an hour or two there, swimming and playing and things. Then, we headed back via tricycle. We decided to take a short rest because we were all sleepy. Then, we cooked some Wicked Oreos, and did some fruit shakes. It was amazing. After that, we played a really disgusting game wherein we were forced to eat pancakes with ketchup, or drink egg yolk with choco and mango shake with ketchup and calamansi. DIsgusting, yeah. Then, we played cards with a consequence of drawing lines on your face using a charcoal if ever you would lose. After that, we joined the small festival parade. I forget what they call it. After that, we took a shower and head on the Baylehan. Sweet and party dance, we hit it. Then, we went back, and drank some Red Horse and talked about love and other shits. There was no time for rest.

Fiestival day. We first went into the church for the Christening of our two inaanak. So yeah, we are all compadres and comadres. Anyway, then, we bloated ourselves with food. Then, some karaoke fever at the Nipa Hut. Mom served us some ice cold San Mig, tho it’s Lights. Then, we did a photoshoot thingy at our corn farm and cow barn. I liked the shots, actually. Then, we headed back, prepped our things and readied ourselves for a good bye. We left at around 5 in the afternoon and rushed to Naga to get a bus ride home. We were all asleep all throughout the ride. Tired bodies, yet, we all had fun. Real fun. Plus, we were bloated.


And yes, that was one of the best vacations that I have ever had. Even though it was just three days, I can really say that there’s no minute that has gone into waste. I never thought that I would have so many great friends here in Tumblr. My family was so glad because finally, they have assured themselves that I have a life. Haha.

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