I believe in the concept of a multiverse wherein we are living a thousand million lives with a thousand million probabilities but eventually, we will always fall for each other in whatever life, in whatever form. I will always find you.

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The Bloody Mary


When I was in elementary, there was this Filipino horror book series called “True Philippine’s Ghost Story” cheaply sold at almost all major bookstores. I got hooked up with that and instantly bought the first 10 series. And, one of the things that I can clearly remember about that was when they gave some instructions in doing the infamous “Bloody Mary” and my elementary friends did that.

So, we went at an abandoned lot in our school with dingy haunted-looking houses. It was a scary place every evening or whenever you are alone so we went there around 4 in the afternoon so it won’t be that dark. We were around 10 people. We formed a circle and then we started saying “Bloody Mary” for 13 times. Of course, children like us used to bite in these horror stories. We were fan boys.

Suddenly, when the name was being repeated for its around tenth time, a door of the dingy infrastructure suddenly closed, and its strong impact caused a horrifying sound. We were paranoid back then so we did not know if it was really the scary thing or it was just the wind. We suddenly ran away, screaming, sweating, palpitating, dying. We were really shocked. We were not able to finish the chanting but we never did it again.

  1. thescreamingmeemies said: Wala na bang true philippine ghost stories ngayon? Lol
  2. masmaharot said: Binasa ko rin yaaaaan!
  3. dalagitangbinebeysfriend said: So damn relateable. I did this too when I was still in grade 2.Creepy
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