I believe in the concept of a multiverse wherein we are living a thousand million lives with a thousand million probabilities but eventually, we will always fall for each other in whatever life, in whatever form. I will always find you.

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Dear friends, if ever you’re reading this right now, it means that I am already on my way to Bicol, and I would be in hiatus for less than a week or so. The posts that I will be posting in my blog is in queue so that I can keep my blog updated. By the way, you can contact me via my cellular phone if ever you need me for something or you just need someone to talk to. I will be leaving my number here: 09178369605.

And yeah, let us all keep safe, and let’s enjoy the last few weeks of our summer vacation. Keep smiling guys!

  1. jirehgarcia said: Have a safe trip Kuya Jake! Lakas maka-kuya eh. =))
  2. alfredcruzko said: Ingaaaaat ! :)
  3. jakepullsthetrigger posted this