I believe in the concept of a multiverse wherein we are living a thousand million lives with a thousand million probabilities but eventually, we will always fall for each other in whatever life, in whatever form. I will always find you.

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Cinemalaya Night, Day (or night) 1.

July 21, 2012

Micah Policarpio, Joser Ferreras, Ate Nicole Habitan, my father and I reached CCP two hours earlier from the screening’s start. We were so hungry that we could feast on your body like brainiac zombies so it was a pretty good thing that we arrived earlier and there is a nearby fast food chain from where we parked the car. It was raining hard, very hard.

 We arrived back again at the Nicanor Abelardo Hall 15 minutes earlier. We watched Kamera Obskura, a black and white experimental film shot in digital. The protagonist is Ping Medina, set during the early Hispanic era, I guess. It was about, according to my own reading, a chaotic state where everyone struggles to surpass class boundaries and take over one another’s power to govern the society, then, the protagonist achieved freedom his dark prison and reached the chaotic state. He, the protagonist, received a magical camera that devours societal problems in order to achieve the h t Utopia.

Enough with the narrative and reading of the story, and certainly, I’ll just put my criticisms on the required critical paper for my Film class. By the way, there were many celebrities – both directors and actors – in the area. Some were seating just next to us while some were on their reserved seats. The problem was, I didn’t know all of them, or all I’ve seen at the very least. It’s quite a shame, really, for I, a media student, to be ignorant of media personalities. Well, to at least assure myself in my own way, I’ll just stick with Adorno’s framework on Popular Culture. Haha. Wit me if you know what I mean. :)

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