Anonymous asked:
We follow each other years now and omg im kind of shocked i mean not in a bad way, i mean wow.. But youre still my crush anyways ❤️ stay that way 😊

Aww. I’m your crush? That is so sweet. :) Thank you, and I will. This is what happiness feels like. I hope that you always have a great day!

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kuya Jake! I just want you to know that I am one of your admirers. Idol ko kayo from the very beginning 'til now, I mean mas lalo na ngayon. Stay strong sa inyo! Dear Kuya Jimmy, Alagaan mo si kuya jake! Ikaw din kuya Jake alagaan mo si kuya Jimmy! Sa susunod na makita ko ulit kayo magpapapicture ako hahaha. Natulala lang kasi ako nung nakita ko kayo sa trinoma parang mag tropa kayo na I can't explain pero cute haha. God Bless!

Babe, may admirer daw tayo o. :) Hello dear anon, naks, thank you naman sa hindi pagsasawa. And ikaw din, ingatan mo parati ang sarili mo ha. We really hope to meet you soon! :)

High fever x selfie x saw

So sick and so hungry that I can’t even cook luncheon meat properly.

you have forgotten all the songs you know together with how you have forgotten so many things about yourself just for him.

so what if you cast a stone into the river and it doesnt come rushing back to you? so what if you have broken every bottle of whiskey and you walk on shattered glasses. so what if nothing comes back but songs of agony? let it be. as long as you stood still in the war without fear of flying arrows and wild horses.

Putaaaa mas mahirap pa ang lagnat kaysa sa heartbreak. Huhuhu.

Anonymous asked:
Hayaan mo na yung mga haters niyo, Jake. Hay nako, mga inggitero lang yung mga yun kasi sobrang saya mo na sa lovelife mo ngayon. :) Basta tandaan mo na lang na may mga taong sumusuporta sa pagmamahalan niyo. Jake x Jimmy <3

Hi anon. Hahaha. Wala naman sigurong haters, pero anyway, maraming salamat. :) Magandang hapon!

Anonymous asked:
it gets hard, but without dark days, it becomes hard to appreciate the good. do what you do, you're perfect the way you are

Hi. That is one of the most beautiful things I have heard in my life. Thank you very much.

Anonymous asked:
Hey kuya. Earlier today, this one person from our circle of friends my boyfriend and I have been hiding our relationship from found out about us. She said she's okay with being gay. But she said she cannot stand the fact that of all people, he ended up having a relationship with me. What she was trying to imply is that I am not good enough for him. And now I am blaming myself. :(((

Hi! Wait, medyo na-lost ako sa pronouns mo. So the “she” you were referring in the question is the one who have discovered the relationship between the two of you. Anyway, why would you blame yourself with what other people imply. Like what Jimmy’s mom said, if you are happy, don’t let other people think otherwise. :)

Anonymous asked:
may nangyari na sa iyo ng karelasyon mo ngaun?

Hello. Oo, maraming nangyayari sa amin. Kain, tulog, gala, inom, yosi, at kung anu ano pa. :) Magandang hapon!


And I am afraid. This is one of the most frightening moments of my life, and I am slowly fading as the minutes slowly pass by. I wish you are also here, James, so that I can hold your hand and just look at you and make everything else in a blur. But you are not here, and I know that I have to face this alone, and I do not know what will happen next, but I am afraid. Really really afraid. I just want to disappear right now like bubbles popping out of nowhere. I am sorry.

Anonymous asked:
Ito, ngayon lang ulit nakapag-Tumblr for so many weeks. Hehe. Basa lang ng posts sa Dashboard. Ah, akala ko kasi dinelete mo ako.

Hindi haaa. Teka, uwi lang muna ako ha. Good night!

Anonymous asked:
didn't expect you are a bisexual. I still have a crush on you though. I'm really really happy for you!!! God bless your relationship Jake! :)

Hi dear anon. Naks, crush mo ako? Hahaha. God bless din sa iyo. And always remember that love should never be tied uo with sexuality because it must be forever encompassing. :)


When I was younger, I grew up feeling that nobody is proud of me. Well, except for my parents. But for my other family members, they tend to hate me for many different reasons. There were many times when I would fall asleep crying while thinking if there will be people who would be proud of presenting me to the world with them. I never expected, but I wished for that time to happen.

Middle school came, and I have felt varying degrees of pain like the degrees you see in Science classes, and I have spent more time crying inside the comfort room, which I wonder how comfortable can it get? I was fat, and ugly, and not physically competitive and not that smart, as well. I belong to the underdogs, tho, generally, most of the underdogs I know are superstars of the underdogs realm. As for me, I am the jerk lord of jerking jerks.

Growing up, I tried to find that feeling of belonging and being wanted. I tried beer, first, then cigs, then casual pot sessions, and then sex and so many other things. I thought I have found many great people who would always be happy being with me, but I was wrong. They faded, one by one, after finding other people who are more interesting that me.

Finding someone after another, and having them make you feel how it feels like to be loved and to be proud of who you are despite of all your complexities and flaws and ugliness that you see in front of the mirror. I held them tight, and allowed them to fill pieces of my holes until days come and they get more than what they have healed. Life goes on, and I have slept with people who never confirmed that I exist or something happened, and lived with other people who try to hide you whenever time passes by, and so am I, forever thirsty of that only affirmation - the affirmation of someone to proud of you despite of what other people will think, despite of what the world thinks.

But for you, thank you. I understand why sometimes you feel something at a certain way, but that doesn’t make me love you any less.